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Partnership program

The uniqueness of the architectural solutions of Onyma products and the Onyma xRM platform provides our partners with ample opportunities to expand their business in various sectors of the economy. Depending on the field of your business, we are ready to offer various options for cooperation.



If our solution can help your customers, friendly companies or organizations – tell us. Information about their needs and automation tasks will fall into reliable hands, and we will help them.

In this version of the partnership, the Partner provides information on companies that are facing tasks that could be solved using Onyma products and platforms. Stack Soft pays agency fees in the event of a contract for the supply of Onyma products and services. The amount of remuneration depends on the degree of participation of the Partner in the process of concluding the contract.

Projects and Integration

Проекты и интеграция

Onyma solutions can be used to automate and manage the enterprise of your customer in various sectors of the economy. Our solutions have proved themselves well throughout the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. Inclusion of our products in your project guarantees the successful implementation and subsequent operation of solutions of different levels of complexity.

This variant of cooperation is focused, first of all, on system integrators. The partner delivers Onyma products and platforms as part of its own project and has additional revenue not only from the supply, but also from the implementation of Onyma products and platforms. The size of the Partner's additional income depends on the degree of his participation in the process of implementing Onyma products and the total annual sales volume.

Onyma as a Service

Onyma as a Service

Providing an industrial OSS / BSS solution tailored to the needs of a specific customer based on a single cloud platform is the unique ability of Onyma solutions. You can build your own cloud and provide both unique customized services for VIP clients and pre-configured services for the mass consumer.

In this version of cooperation, the Partner provides Onyma products and platforms in the SaaS mode on its own behalf. Adjustment, provision of services and technical support of Onyma SaaS is the Partner's own business or a part of its own business, and Stack Soft provides consulting and technical support to the Partner under a special agreement.

Research and development

Исследования и разработка

Development of a modern software product, the use of which involves the creation of complex data structures, their accumulation and modification, ensuring of operational data retrieval, the differentiation of data access authority, secrecy grades, and so on. It is impossible without creating a platform that provides this functionality. The unique new platform Onyma xRM allows you to create your own information systems, using the listed capabilities of working with data without additional development costs.

In this version of cooperation, the Partner uses the Onyma xRM platform to develop its own information systems and delivers the Onyma XRM platform to the customer as part of its products under a special license agreement. Stack Soft specialists work closely with the Partner's specialists to develop both the Onyma xRM platform in general and the Partner's specific products built on this platform.

All Stack Soft partners can count on extensive consulting and technical support for the installation, configuration and use of Onyma products and platforms, as well as for marketing support in the promotion of joint projects. For the employees of sales departments and technical specialists of the Partner, training courses for Onyma products are provided.

On all issues of participation in the partnership program, please contact:

+7 495 980-60-05
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