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Billing & BPM & BI

  • Business process automation.
  • Automated service provision and billing.
  • Resource management.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Business analytics in the common data area.

This approach enables developing a line of software products based on Onyma Core single object platform to accomplish certain tasks and to ensure close integration of third party systems on the basis of a standardized data exchange flow.

  • The system core supports a set of data processing methods that can be used by any systemthat interfaces with the core.
  • Operation within the same information area allows for implementing complicated algorithms of systemsinteraction.

Onyma Billing as a convergent billing system

Onyma Billing - business process management:
  • Description of corporate resources.
  • Configuration of resources and hardware based on the resources description.
  • Logging of corporate internal resources.


Onyma Billing - implementing the marketing policy:
  • Creating a tariffing system.
  • Fine tuning the tariffing system to various sales schemes.
  • Financial accounting of resources use.
  • Current financial accounting of using corporate internal resources.
Onyma Billing - strategic planning:
  • Generating analytical reports on various indicators of corporate operations.
  • Operational analysis of corporate performance and use of internal resources.

Onyma BPM is a flexible tool for business process modelling

Onyma BPM - corporate business processes automation:
  • Precise modelling of corporate business processes exactly replicating the way they are used in the company.
  • Registering process stages and monitoring of process deadlines.
  • Sophisticated access control system.
  • Data exchange with external information systems.
  • Information support the business.


Onyma BPM - for more efficient business:
  • Streamlining the workflows.
  • Evaluation of employee and divisional performance.


Onyma BPM is an integration bus of corporate information systems.

Onyma BI is a business analytics platform integrated with Onyma Biiling & BPM

Onyma BI as a full-scale platform for business analysis:
  • Benefiting from all Oracle-based BI products serving as a basis of Onyma BI.
  • Complete cycle of BI development.
  • Ability to execute illustrative ad-hoc reporting.

Onyma Cloud allows providing Onyma Billing & BPM & BI services in the SaaS mode

Onyma Cloud - reliability and quality:
  • All Onyma products have been designed for use in the SaaS mode.
  • Onyma Core, the common underlying platform, provides flexible access control and a high level of security in SaaS applied solutions.
  • Unique expertise gained over the years of providing SaaS solutions ensures an unprecedented service level.
Onyma Cloud - for costs optimization:
  • Lower costs and shorter implementation time.
  • Lower current operation costs.
  • Cut-down in support staff headcount and lower requirements to the support staff. 

Hardware-software platform

Requirements to a hardware-software platform

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