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Onyma BPM

The system`s vital element is the system core that supports all relevant data structures, implements data processing algorithms and coordinates the interaction of corporate external information systems. Two web servers that interact with the core via the application server support user operations as follows:
  • Located in the internal network, the controlling web server serves those who work directly with the system core, i.e. administrators and operators.
  • The registration and statistics server (personal account office) ensures safe access of corporate customers to the system. Using the personal account office, clients may initiate service processes (ordering services, trouble ticket, etc.) and follow up their status.


The developed Onyma BPM API allows interacting with external systems.


Onyma BPM logs an employee`s current tasks with work description and deadlines.
Onyma BPM provides a manager with planning, work performance monitoring and corporate operations analytical tools.

Work planning

The employee work schedule allows flexible customization of distribution of tasks among employees and corporate divisions, and takes into account possible changes of work performers in case of an unexpected absence of an employee. A developed notification system allows timely and targeted communication of information on changes in work schedules.

Corporate operations monitoring and analysis

The analytical subsystem allows generating and obtaining status reports on corporate operational processes. Data analysis allows performance evaluation both of individual employees and of the company in general, and making management decisions aimed at improving the work quality and minimizing the costs.
  • Onyma BPM allows streamlining of the company operations based on information about interaction between corporate divisions and employees.
  • Onyma BPM facilitates streamlining of the staff operations and minimizes the human factor effects thanks to a regulated sequence of work performance and scope.
  • Onyma BPM consolidates business process data based on collected information about the current status of work and storing data on completed work.
  • Onyma BPM analyzes work performance data based on analytical reports thus allowing inflow of on-line information about corporate operations and any historic data.

Onyma BPM key advantages:

  • Flexible access control system.
  • Possibility of fine-tuning the business process parameters during the business process execution.
  • Powerful embedded analytical system and standard operating interface with Onyma BI.
  • API for interacting with external systems.
  • Thin сlient and mobility - only a web browser is required to operate the system.
  • Can be used in SaaS mode.


Onyma BPM is the company`s pivot of information.
When using several information systems and automation complexes, Onyma BPM may serve as an integrating platform channelizing and logging staff activities when operating each of the systems.

Hardware-software platform

Requirements to a hardware-software platform

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