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Onyma BI

  • Analytical system based on Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) products.
  • Meets present day BI requirements.
  • Users can generate reports by themselves.
  • Different sources of information, not only Onyma, can be used.
  • Compromise between flexibility and individual approach to analytical solutions.
  • Releases Billing & OSS Onyma analytical system from generating and keeping reports.

Oracle Business Intelligence products

  • Oracle Database EE.
  • Oracle partitioning (DB EE option).
  • Oracle OLAP (DB EE option).
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder.
  • Oracle BI EE.

The Onyma BI functionality includes

  • Automatic daily downloading.
  • Potential connecti of new data sources.
  • Splitting customer projects within the system.
  • Multi-scale data analysis (using OLAP).
  • Set of standard analytical reports.

Advantages of Onyma BI SaaS solution

  • Lower project management costs.
  • Lower risks in case of project failure.
  • Lower staff expenses.
  • Lower software procurement costs.
  • Lower hardware costs.


SaaS provider specialists ensure the following:

  • development of BI system;
  • testing of BI system;
  • support of BI system.

Quick start: Standard model of Onyma BI analytical solution:

  • Analysis of subscriber contractual base
  • Analysis of contract inflow/outflow
  • Payments analysis
  • Analysis of popularity of services
  • Analysis of popularity of tariff plans
  • Analysis of consumption by service types
  • Analysis of consumption of services
  • Analysis of profitability rate by service types
  • Analysis of profitability rate by tariff plans
  • Analysis of profitability rate by services
  • Call duration analysis
  • Financial status analysis
  • ARPU calculation by tariff plans
  • ARPU calculation by services

Model development

External systems as data sources: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, Sybase, Informix, Teradata, ODBC, Flat Files.

Analytical capacity:

  • Customized interface.
  • Generating reports using selected parameters and pivot tables.
  • Embedding charts into reports.
  • Making up results.
  • Generating dashboards showing performance indicators.
  • Creating tickers.
  • Making a drill down and drill up by analysis levels.

Hardware-software platform

Requirements to a hardware-software platform

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