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Onyma Billing

The architecture has been designed for corporations with large multi-service and geographically distributed networks.

Onyma Billing Core

Resource management system to define, manage and configure all the resources of a telecommunication company, such as hardware, channel infrastructure, logical resources, etc. The system core contains the description of the geographical and administrative structure of the company, as well as the system of interaction and mutual settlements between the operator and service providers and consumers. The system core contains information about tariff schemes and algorithms, customer base data and its structure, including various taxation schemes, multi-currency feature, roaming schemes, etc.

AP authorization and statistics collection centres

Autonomous system modules process authorization requests from access servers. The modules provide preliminary charging mechanisms.
The system is highly scalable due to the following:
  • Most computing load remains with the authorization centres.
  • Unlimited number of authorization centres.

Single securedweb interface

Onyma Billing is operated through a single secured web interface. A flexible mechanism of user access rights management allows for access distributed both by administrative levels and by information confidentiality level. The system provides sophisticated audit of requests for technical and financial data.

Registration and statistics web server (personal account office)

The system provides a secured web server of registration and statistics to communicate up-to-date information to customers, make configuration changes, order new services and obtain reporting and billing documents.

Onyma Billing key advantages

  • Flexible object-oriented model for describing resources and services that allows fast commissioning of new facilities and services without involvement of system developers.
  • Distributed architecture that provides reliability and operating efficiency in geographically distributed networks with a single control centre.
  • Flexible authority distribution and developed audit mechanisms.
  • Powerful embedded analytical system and standard operating interface with Onyma BI.
  • API for interacting with external systems.
  • Thin client and mobilit - only a web browser is required to operate the system.
  • Can be used in SaaS mode.

Hardware-software platform

Requirements to a hardware-software platform

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