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Stack Soft - Independent software vendor providing BSS/OSS solutions under the brand Onyma®.

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Onyma Billing

Resource management system to define, manage and configure all the resources of a telecommunication company, such as hardware, channel infrastructure, logical resources, etc. The system core contains the description of the geographical and administrative structure of the company, as well as the system of interaction and mutual settlements between the operator and service providers and consumers. The system core contains information about tariff schemes and algorithms, customer base data and its structure, including various taxation schemes, multi-currency feature, roaming schemes, etc.


Onyma BI

Analytical capacity: Customized interface. Generating reports using selected parameters and pivot tables. Embedding charts into reports. Making up results. Generating dashboards showing performance indicators. Creating tickers. Making a drill down and drill up by analysis levels.



Onyma BPM

Onyma BPM is the company`s pivot of information. Onyma BPM logs an employee`s current tasks with work description and deadlines. Onyma BPM provides a manager with planning, work performance monitoring and corporate operations analytical tools. When using several information systems and automation complexes, Onyma BPM may serve as an integrating platform channelizing and logging staff activities when operating each of the systems.



Billing & BPM & BI

Business process automation. Automated service provision and billing. Resource management. Customer relationship management. Business analytics in the common data area.
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